Component Testing with SafeTest vs. Cypress vs. WebdriverIO

Netflix’s recent launch of SafeTest, a component testing tool that gained rapid attention on social media, prompted a detailed comparison with Cypress by our friend Gleb Bahmutov, inspiring me to also evaluate it against WebdriverIO.

How WebdriverIO is using Resend and GitHub Action to Pay Back their Contributor

The WebdriverIO project has recently implemented a new automated system designed to streamline the disbursement of funds to project contributors - this blog post explores the workings of this process and discusses its potential applicability to other Open Source projects.

Building Cross Browser Web Extensions in 2023 - The Ultimate Guide

At Stateful I recently worked and launched a web extension that will help the company to bring Runme Notebook features into the browser.

But it works on MY machine! Debugging GitHub Workflows with VS Code

Plagued by a test that passes locally but fails when run in CI, learn how you can debug such flaky tests by attaching to a running Github workflow.

A Complete Guide to VS Code Extension Testing

Most VS Code extensions in the marketplace have minimal testing, if any at all.

An Instant Development Environment for WebdriverIO

I’ve taken Gitpod for a spin to check out if I could create a perfect dev environment for WebdriverIO to lower the barrier for contributions and speed up the onboarding process.

The GitHub Action You Need to Publish VS Code Extensions

In this blog post we’d like to share how Stateful releases its Marquee extension to the VS Code Marketplace and OpenVSX Registry through GitHub Actions.

Sync App State across JS Sandboxes without Stumbling over postMessage & onMessage Playing “Telephone”

In this post you will learn how to use the new JS/TS module Tangle to implement seamless event handling and app state sync across multiple JavaScript sandboxes without getting caught up in postMessage & onMessage synchronization dilemmas.

My First Website in the Local News at the Age of 16

With the age of 16 I appeared in the local news as I built a website for an evangelic youth center.

Starting a new chapter at Stateful

After 7 years at Sauce Labs, I have decided to take the next step in my career to join a small startup with a mission I am very passionate about.